Most startups fail because they couldn’t find the right customers at an affordable price.
But what specific mistakes do they make with marketing that could be avoided?

According to Rand Fishkin (founder of Moz), here are the main ones:

  • Terrible Name
  • Overvaluing First Exposure
  • Chasing Growth Hacks
  • Saving Marketing Until Launch
  • Relying on Paid Ads
  • Not Prioritizing an Easy-to-Reach Audience
  • Failing at Funnels
  • Ignoring Brand

Some of them are hard to change (like the name) but some are worth taking the time to look into and think about improving.

In my opinion, funnels and an easy-to-reach audience is something that doesn’t require a lot of money but that can bring a lot of value. It can also be done at any stage of business.

Read the article for more details on each point.


Why Startups Suck at Marketing